By sunset and moonrise, in shadow of cactus where a hare will catch your eye, find your wild in Baja on horseback.


The PUESTA DEL SOL (the sunset)

A unique and immersive horseback experience through the beach communities of northern Todos Santos to our favorite oceanside haunt. Start at our barn and meet your horse; Get ready for the ride while your guide gives you critical working knowledge to ensure you feel connected and in-tune. You will learn key communication points to stay equipped during your adventure. We’ll ride out together, due north from the stables, weaving between beach and residential neighborhoods, freshwater ways, arroyos and surf breaks, for an hour and a half during sunset. 


**Available for Engagements and Weddings *prices may vary depending on guests needs, time and availability.

**A non-refundable $1000 pesos deposit per rider, please bring cash for the rest of the amount.

LA PLAYA LARGA (the long beach)

Epic memories.  This is a unique and immersive horseback experience through the beach communities of northern Todos Santos to a mouth-watering dinner at one of our finest restaurants, then another ride home under the stars. Start at our barn on Camino Del Pacifico and meet your horse; get ready for your ride while your guide gives you critical knowledge to ensure you feel connected and in-tune. We’ll ride out due north from the stables, weaving between the beach and residential neighborhoods, fresh waterways, arroyos, and surf breaks until we arrive at The Green Room, a renowned beachfront restaurant near La Pastora.  Guests dismount and relax at their table to enjoy the sunset over the Pacific Ocean, drinks and fine fare, then remount and ride home under an epic night sky. 


**Food is not included in our rate to allow you the broadest range of choices, guests must bring their own forms of payment to eat or drink at The Green Room.

A non-refundable 2200 MXN deposit per rider, please bring cash for the rest of the amount.

 **We can’t let you ride home if a guide believes you’re too drunk to handle it.  We reserve the right to make that call.  We will help you find a taxi, but are not responsible for the costs.


An unforgettable adventure through the desert by moonlight. Start at our barn on Camino Del Pacifico and meet your horse; while you get ready for the ride, your guide will work with you to make sure you feel connected and in-tune. You will learn key communication points so that you feel equipped during this epic experience. Route will vary.


**This ride requires a certain level of comfort with horses.  If you are unsure, please inquire, we will encourage you to level up with some classes before departure so you can relax and enjoy the ride under the moon. 

 **Moonlight rides are time/weather dependent!! If it is a new moon or small waxing/waning crescent, we will not be offering the moonlight rides as there isn’t enough light on the beach to safely navigate with our horses.

 **A non-refundable $1200 MXN deposit per rider, please bring cash for the rest of the amount.

Will horses hurt me?

No, and maybe yes. Horses don’t naturally want to hurt you ever.  In fact, they’re prey animals so they would rather run away in a fit of panic than try to cause you any harm. That being said, we have put ourselves into closed relationships and we’re playing a sport, so injuries can occur.  It’s important to keep in mind that horseback riding is considered an extreme sport, akin to American football, boxing, or MMA fighting.  When injuries occur they tend to be high impact.  That’s why we go to the lengths we go to maximize safety and minimize injury, and hold a safe space for you and/ or your children to learn how to communicate in tandem with these incredible animals.  We pride ourselves on an excellent safety record. Trust you’re in good hands. Accidents DO happen but we work tirelessly to assure your safety and the safety of our animals. If you have questions about the details of our safety protocols, please feel free to reach out.

Will I be able to jump and run?

If that’s what you aspire to, yes, definitely. We can teach anyone those skills but it takes Time (with a capital T) and serious commitment.  Please keep in mind that horseback is a practice and the more work you put in the more reward you receive.  If you skip practice, we can’t do it for you.  If you show up and give it your all, you’ll grow wings and fly. For those who are keen to feel that freedom, we recommend a minimum of two to three classes a week and a six-week program. 

Why is it so expensive?

It’s not expensive.  We’ve taken every step we can to subsidize the costs of world class training and provide you with access to the very best knowledge.  It may feel expensive compared to other activities (pilates, yoga, etc) but horseback riding is multi-faceted: it’s a sport that works your body and puts you into physical alignment, activates your deepest core muscles and amplifies bilateral coordination; it’s a conceptual challenge that puts you into mental alignment with the power of our Nature; and it’s all predicated on reconnecting you to your spiritual health.  So you obtain a transformative MIND-BODY-SPIRIT balance just by showing up.  It’s clinically proven to be one of the most empowering practices for children and adults contending with the adverse effects of socialization, work, stress, abuse, trauma, anxiety and chronic pain.  This practice delivers results to make you a better, more successful human being. You can always save money and go to a trail outfitter to get on a horses back and plod around for a few hours.  Or you can have a personal coach bring you straight in to the heart of a Zen sport. Practically speaking, horses are costly. Our horses each see a farrier every five weeks, are attended to by a veterinarian regularly and are fed the highest quality alfalfa and grain and tended to with products that keep them happy and healthy. Much of our costs are reinvested straight back into the animals we love.

Will I get to gallop on the beach?

Probably not, unless you are in one of our fitness programs and a regular student.  Galloping on the beach is incredibly demanding on the horse’s tendons and it’s unsafe for new riders.  This is the real deal, so you’ll get the thrill of the ‘gallop on the beach’ dream— but differently.  You’ll get an authentic understanding to inspire your future path. Rest assured on that. 

Will I get to pick which horse I want to ride?

We’ll take your preference into account, we’ll be placing riders and horses based on who we think will work well together.

What do I need to bring?

You need to wear boots and pants, half chaps if you’ve got them.  Bring gloves if you are willing to wear them, and a hat for the sun. Sunscreen and a water bottle. Bring cash if you are outbacking so you can purchase food at rest stops, or local wares from ranches along the way.  

I have no experience in the saddle, is this outbacking trip really for me?

We’re pros at introducing people to the practice BUT please come early.  If you don’t have a ton of time in the saddle, give yourself extra time to sink into this experience.  We will work with you at the barn to introduce you to the animal you’ll be working with and give you some pointers before we head out on our adventure.

How is working with horses different than yoga and pilates?

While yoga and pilates are important practices for recalibrating and calming your nervous system while also strengthening your core body, they don’t put you in direct contact with your nature and the nature that surrounds you.  Horseback riding is team sport—you and the animal that you’re working with are in constant communication, trading energy and emotion as you move through the task(s) at hand.

Do you use English or Western tack?

We use both, and we’ll determine what is right for you and the horse you’ll be working with together based on your body needs, style and personal training goals.

Will we see any wildlife while we’re riding?

Horses are an amazing way to experience nature, and we often have encounters with Baja Sur’s beautiful wildlife while on our rides. Along the coastline, we’ll likely see a variety of our coastal bird species and from the months of January through March we’ll almost certainly see some Gray and Humpback whales. In the desert, we’ll see more bird species as well as lizards, snakes, rabbits, chipmunks, and the occasional bobcat as well as some of the local free-range horse population.


If you have any questions on any of our services email us today!